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The Gyimes Organic Farmers' Association

The Association (Gyimesvölgyi Bio Egyesület) was founded in 2018 with the aim to support the farmer community of the Gyimes region to become certified organic farmers. Thanks to an increasing demand we already extended our activity beyond the geographical borders of Gyimes.


The Association had 140 member in January 2020. One hundred of them will gain the organic certification this year and the remaining fourty are in the conversion period for another year.


Agri-Cultura-Natura Transylvaniae (ACNT) has a very strong cooperation with the Organic Farming Association. First and foremost, Farkas Tibor who is the driving force of the organic movement in Gyimes is our employee at ACNT. He was the engine of the huge work to organise so many farmers into an association and he still is the key person to keep the association moving. ACNT supports the Organic association with its workforce. Our colleagues at ACNT work partly for the Organic Association: we organise information forums and trainings and we help every member in the huge administrative work to achieve and maintain the organic certification.

Our organic farmers will produce certified organic milk from 2021 and the local milk factory intends to put new organic milk products on the market. This way our small farmers will get at least double price for their milk compared to these days. This will not only ensure that young farmers can see a future in farming but also our threatened grasslands of extraordinary natural value will be maintained.

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