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Protecting traditions - satisfying contemporary needs

We are impassioned by the simple beauty, the practical structures and environmentally sustainability of traditional architecture of our region. By advocating good examples in modern use of old structures we believe that many of these buildings can find their new functions instead of disappearing from our villages.

Agri-Cultura-Natura's CEO initiated the so called Village wiev protection program in 2006. The aim of this program was to make an inventory on built heritage of some 20 villages in the region and to draw up guidelines for municipalities on building regulations. The program later expanded to county level and was taken over by the LEADER program on national level.

There are two tangible outcomes from the program. The first one are two publications of new home designs respecting built heritage. You can see some of these drawings by clicking below.

The second is a publication on barn conversions for non-farming purposes which is available by clicking here.

Since 2019 we have a new focus on restructuring traditional barns for farming purposes complying up to date regulations and requirements. 

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